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Keeping your business safe

Our systems utilise the latest analogue, digital and IP equipment to provide our clients with first class systems to meet and exceed all of their requirements.

Any system can be installed, from a simple single camera installations to larger more complex systems through to multi-site IP solutions.

Our systems and most existing systems can be extended to include additional facilities such as digital recording and transmission.

We advise on the location and types of equipment required for each installation, to select the most suitable positions for security cameras prior to installation.

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For example several fixed cameras have to be installed to cover the entire area, but with a solution from us you could cover the whole area by one fisheye camera, reducing time and labor costs.

Protect your employees

  • CCTV system at your place of work can secure your employees from physical violence from customers
  • CCTV cameras can also protect your employees against false claims from colleagues and customers.


Prevention of theft

  • The main security issue most businesses have is theft. whether its from shoplifters or employees, theft can cause businesses substantial financial loss.
  • However, with the help of CCTV camera systems, business owners will have the opportunity to deter and catch these individuals.

  Prevention of vandalismShoreham Academy CCTV Pole

  • Not all cases are theft; there are those that involve criminal damage too.
  • Just by placing an outdoor CCTV camera on your premises will reduce vandalism and damage to your property


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